Monday, August 29, 2005

My Dell Computers Hell

I bought a Dell Laptop Inspiron Computer for approximately 4 grand in 2001, with next day in home service for 3 years (thought I covered myself...but was mistaken)
Long before it was 2 years old I had to have a repairman come twice (which took weeks not the next day) to replace plugs and another time a burned out screen. With a year and half still on my contract of repair, my screen was burning out once again, only this time no one showed up to repair my Dell Laptop, not days, weeks or many calls along the way as well...I was left with an inoperable laptop with more than 2 years of payments left!
I called Dell Support and Dell Computers constantly (most calls appeared to be undocumented other than by me, I learned on most subsequent calls) Finally I stopped making payments and then found myself at war with numerous Credit Recovery Agencies.
My Dell inspiron with "the works" is a very heavy paper weight in my drawer
(I refuse to return it as no credit will be given to me for my 2 years of payments!)

I would call and respond to every Credit Recovery Agency that was known to me and explain the problem and dispute the collection claim with names, dates, and the truth of the whole matter. Some Collection Companies would note the dispute and refer my case back to Dell, others refused to, and it was put on my credit report, which ultimately I believe cost me a reasonable Home Loan in 2005.
Here's the home I wanted to purchase in Idaho

There have been 8 Collection Recovery Agencies involved and it seems it will never end! My statement on my credit report now includes my statement of the fact my $300.00 Walmart computer has outlasted (Almost 3 years old) Dell Computers $4000.00 Inspiron Laptop!
I am still harassed by new credit collection agencies Dell sends it to. Please be aware of my Dell Computer Nightmare, and don't go to Dell Hell as many have. Boycott Dell Computers.
Thank You,

After linking my site to Cranky Customer, Randy wrote to me and gave my email and number to a person named Jerry Strothers from Dell Computers.
Jerry Strothers called me and listened to my story and after giving him my account numbers and my story he called me back and said there was no record of my Dell Hell phone calls.
I gave him names and numbers that I had handy of a few people I spoke to and the name and number of KCRA Channel 3 reports call taker that my husband spoke to in 2003
(yet again trying to resolve Dell Computers breach of contract) and he had the nerve to ask me today if I had made up calling KCRA Channel 3 Reports! Again telling me there are no records of my Dell Hell phone calls beginning in 2003 THRU 2004.
I am so upset once again after 3 years I can hardly believe THIS! If I hadn't been in Dell Hell before I would not believe this or the way my previous calls ended up in Dell Hell's Black Hole! (HOW CONVENIENT FOR DELL)

His offer was the same as his first offer a few weeks ago....they will repair my lap top now that it is 5 years old! Like I said to him my $300.00 Wal-mart computer is still working beautifully....why would I want their Dell Inspiron LEMON Lap top fixed now?

Jerry Strothers went on to say I should pay off the LEMON Laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When DELL HELL freezes over! Until then Michael Dell can shove his contract and Laptop up his hairy lily white ASS!


Monday, September 25, 2006

To Mike Melrose @ Paragon Way Inc.

I’m sorry your standard form letter with 2 choices of what your company believes I should supply does not pertain to my situation with Dell and Dell Financial.

The many breaches of contract made by Dell Computers left me with a useless $4000.00
Dell Laptop within 18 months, and over 18 months left on my 3 year in home next day service contract. Over $2000.00 was already paid to Dell Financial although my laptop had a second screen and motherboard malfunctioning. I originally had a second appointment to replace these malfunctioning parts when the appointment was cancelled and I was told to mail my laptop to some company. I refused and asked that repair service repair be made on my laptop at my home. This never occurred despite numerous phone calls I, and my husband made. Within a month I stopped making payments for this inoperable laptop.

Despite my efforts, my Husband’s and a phone call to KCRA 3 Investigative Reports, nothing was offered or done that was acceptable or in Lieu of the service contract breach of contract committed by Dell.

I spoke to a Jerry Strothers at Dell last month in a last ditch effort to come to terms with this consumer nightmare I have endured of having a lemon Dell laptop with an expensive 3 year in home service that was repeatedly breached and then abandoned. (A brief story can be read at He claimed the company has lost or never received my calls in 2002 and 2003 and accused me of lying and about reporting Dell to my local NBC news station. I contend my call records were purged as many companies do fairly regularly and unfortunately Jerry believed this gave him the right to humiliate me and accuse me of lying.

Despite my contentions and efforts to the now 9 credit and collection companies Dell has sent my information to for collection, I’ve called and sent my information and disputed the claim each and every time and as of last year, my credit report read that my loan was a charge off by Dell and I’m handed off to another collection company once again, now Paragon. So not only am I dealing with Dell’s Breach of Contract and lemon laptop, I’ve been stalked and harassed by another collection company. Please cease and desist and note my dispute and hand my case back to Dell like the other 8 companies have.

Linda Hord

I have decided that instead of getting upset I will go on-line and search for
new I Hate Dell web pages and blogs, add my story and web address and then if
that isn't enough.....I will make new HELL HELL graphics! LOL

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